Dual 5.1GSPS 16-bit DAC's, PLL, Kintex Ultrascale, DDR4 DRAM, PCIe, XMC module

Dual AD9680-1000, dual DAC38J82


X3-SD16 board with analogue in and out using sigmadelta converters for data acquisition applications with a Spartan3A DSP FPGA.

Kintex Ultrascale XMC Series

2GSPS to 5.1GSPS.

FMC Series

250MSPS to 1000MSPS.

X6 Virtex6 FPGA Series

160MSPS to 1000MSPS.

X3 Spartan FPGA Series

Audio to 100MSPS.

ePC-K7 Kintex-7 FPGA based embedded CPU with dual FMC sites, etherNet, USB, SATA etc

ePC-Duo embedded pc with dual XMC sites, 10G ethernet, SATA etc

XMC to PCIe adapter, for using a XMC module for Data Acquisition and FPGA in a desktop PC PCIe slot.

Data Acquisition and Logging system using high performance motherboards and Solid State Disks (SSD) or hard disks (HDD) for capacity.


Hosts for FMC modules

eInstrument-PC & ePC-Duo

Hosts for XMC modules


Adapters for PMC & XMC modules


Fast Loggers and Replay for XMC

Made in USA, sold and supported in UK.