Table of all Data Acquisition Boards

Start by choosing the DAQ board(s) you need, then on each data page are the links to their adapters so you can see the various form factors that they can be hosted in.

NameForm FactorAdcsAdc BitsMax Adc Rate (Hz)DacsDac BitsMax Dac Rate (Hz)Digital IOFPGANotes
DRPMC414125000000064Virtex2 Pro
FMC-10GEFMC002 x 10GbENoneIntel X540
TXPMC0416100000000064Virtex2 Pro
UWBPMC212250000000064Virtex2 Pro
X3-2MXMC121610000000044Spartan3A DSP
X3-10MXMC81610000000044Spartan3A DSP
X3-25MXMC2161050000002165000000044Spartan3A DSP
X3-A4D4XMC41640000004165000000044Spartan3A DSP
X3-DIOXMC00108Spartan3A DSP
X3-SD16XMC1624144000162419200044Spartan3A DSP
X3-ServoXMC12162500001216200000044Spartan3A DSP
X5-210MXMC414250000000016Virtex 5
X5-400MXMC21440000000021650000000016Virtex 5
X5-COMXMC0016Virtex 5
X5-G12XMC2121000000000016Virtex 5
X5-GSPSXMC281500000000016Virtex 5d
X5-RXXMC416200000000016Virtex 5
X5-TXXMC0416100000000016Virtex 5
X6-250MXMC814250000000064Virtex 6
X6-400MXMC21440000000021650000000064Virtex 6
X6-1000MXMC2121000000000216100000000064Virtex 6b
X6-GSPSXMC2121800000000064Virtex 6c
X6-RXXMC416160000000064Virtex 6
XU-RTXMC2142500000000216280000000064Kintex Ultrascale
XU-TXXMC0216600000000064Kintex Ultrascale


a) The FMC-SFP+ has 4 SFP ports.

b) The X6-1000M Dacs can run as 4 channels of 500MSPS.

c) The X6-GSPS can run as 1 channel 3.6GSPS 12 bit Adc.

d) The X5-GSPS can run as 1 channel 3GSPS 8 bit Adc.

e) The Atropos and X3-Timing has 4 clock and trigger outputs.

Table of all Acquisition Host Boards

COPious-PCIeFMC HPCZynq 7045 SoCPCIe card with Zynq and HPC FMC site
COPious-PXIeFMC HPCZynq 7045 SoCPXIe card with Zynq and HPC FMC site
CardsharpFMC HPCZynq 7045 SoCSBC with Zynq dual ARM a9 core and FMC HPC IO site
SBC-K7FMC HPC & FMC LPCi7 and Kintex7Embedded PC for Instrumentation and Control with Kintex7 FPGA Core and Configurable FMC IO
ePC-K7FMC HPC & FMC LPCi7 and Kintex7Windows/Linux Embedded Computer with Kintex7 FPGA, Dual FMC HPC IO Sites, Integrated Timing Support
mini-K7FMC HPCi7 and Kintex7Mini Windows/Linux Embedded Computer with Kintex-7 FPGA, FMC I/O Site, Integrated Timing Support
ePC-DuoXMC x 2i7Ultimate++ Performance Windows/Linux Embedded Computer with Dual XMC IO Sites
SBC-nanoXMC x 1AtomQuad Core Atom Windows/Linux Embedded Computer with XMC IO Site
eInstrument-PCXMC x 2i7Ultimate Performance Windows/Linux Embedded Computer with Dual XMC IO Sites
PEX6-COPFMC HPCVirtex6PCI Express Desktop/Server Coprocessor with Virtex6 FPGA computing core and FMC HPC IO site
eInstrument-DAQ NodeXMCAdaptereInstruments enclosure with Cabled PCI Express Carrier, single lane
XMC to PCI AdapterXMCAdapterFast, Simple PCI/PCI-X Adaptation for XMC Modules
XMC to PCI Express AdapterXMCAdapterFast, simple PCIe Adaptation for XMC Modules, single lane
XMC to PCI Express (8 lane) X5 AdapterXMCAdapterFast, Simple PCI Express Adaptation for XMC X6 Modules, 8 lanes
XMC to PCI Express (8 lane) X6 AdapterXMCAdapterFast, Simple PCI Express Adaptation for XMC X6 Modules, 8 lanes
XMC to Cabled PCI Express AdapterXMCAdapterXMC module site to PCIe-over-cable Adapter Card with Onboard DC-DC Power Supplies
XMC to CompactPCI AdapterXMCAdapterXMC to CompactPCI Adapter with J16 Connector Breakout, 4 lanes
XMC to VPX AdapterXMCAdapterRugged Conduction or Air Cooled XMC Adapter with IPMI Support
VPXI-ePCSlots for 4 XMC to VPX adaptersi7Air Cooled 4U 1/2 Rack OpenVPX Windows/Linux/VxWorks Computer with Four Peripheral/Payload Slots
PMC to PCI AdapterPMCAdapterFast, Simple PCI or PCI-X Adaptation for PMC and PTMC Modules
PMC to PCI Express AdapterPMCAdapterFast, Simple PCIe Adaptation for PMC and PTMC Modules