Cardsharp – SBC with Xilinx Zynq and FMC HPC Host Site

20 Years Experience

Xilinx Zynq with HPC FMC site, ethernet and SATA

Single Board Computer with Xilinx Zynq 7045 with dual ARM Core, FMC HPC site for Instrumentation and Control.

Made in USA, sold and supported in UK.
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  • Combines an Zynq Z7045 SoC with FMC IO module in a compact, stand alone design
  • Powerful, dual, floating-point Arm A9 CPU performance
  • Rugged, XMC form factor: 149 x 74 mm
  • Self-bootable, stand-alone operation
  • Able to operate diskless and headless
  • Runs Linux applications
  • Configurable IO uses standard HPC FMC IO module. Add anything from RF receivers to industrial control modules.
  • IO site (VITA 57) deliver up to 6 GB/s to PL memory, 2 GB/s to PS memory
  • Optional timing and triggering support for IO includes IEEE 1588 or GPS-disciplined clock
  • Supports Innovative FMC IO module features for private data channels, triggering and timing features
  • USB2.0, 1 Gb Ethernet, eMMC, SPI, RS232 ports
  • System expansion supported with 10 GbE and QSFP via optional SBC-Uno carrier
  • Boots Linux from onboard eMMC device
  • AC or 8-36V DC operation

Cardsharp is a user-customisable, turnkey embedded instrument that includes two A9 CPU cores. Linux runs in core 0 to provide ethernet, USB and disk connectivity while core 1 runs real-time stand-alone applications. Cardsharp is compatible with Innovative’s wide assortment of ultimate-performance FMC modules. With its modular IO, scalable performance and easy to use CPU core architecture, the Cardsharp reduces time-to-market while providing the performance you need.

Distributed Data Acquisition – Put the Cardsharp at the data source and reduce system errors and complexity. Available IEEE 1588 network or GPS-synchronized timing, triggering and sample control is available for remote IO. Limitless expansion via multiple nodes.

Uniquely customisable – An HPC FMC site for IO, user- programmable FPGA for IO interfaces, onboard GbE and USB. Stand-alone, autonomous operation with precision-timed sampling on FMC data.

Optional SBC-Uno carrier exposes 10 Gb Ethernet port/40 Gbps QSFP for fast data streaming and two SATA3 links to connect to large capacity storage media. Continuous data streaming up to 1 GB/s via LAN or SATA devices, 4 GB/s to QSFP-compatible devices.

Rugged – Runs from flash in a compact, rugged footprint that is ready for embedded operation.

8-36V DC-Only Operation – Perfect for portable or automotive data loggers or waveform generators.

  • Analogue to Digital Converter(s) = N/A
  • FPGA = Xilinx Zynq 7045
  • Digital to Analogue = N/A
  • Embedded Instrumentation
  • Remote, Autonomous IO
  • Mobile Instrumentation
  • Distributed Data Acquisition
Cardsharp, Xilinx Zynq SoC with FMC site, ethernet, USB, SATA

Cardsharp standalone with FMC-Servo module installed.

Cardsharp, Xilinx Zynq SoC with FMC site, ethernet, USB, SATA, Sbc-nano with Atom CPU.

Cardsharp fitted to a Sbc-nano.

Shows the case available for the Cardsharp Zynq SoC board. The FMC-Servo module is visible on the front.

A larger case is available which houses the SBC-nano and Cardsharp with FMC module. This photo shows the FMC-Servo fitted to the Cardsharp. This system therefore includes analogue IO, Zynq SoC (dual Arm core and programmable logic), PCIe to an Atom running Windows/Linux, ethernet, USB and SATA.

Rear of Cardsharp, shows ethernet, JTAG, power & USB.

Rear of Cardsharp fitted to a Sbc-nano. Shows Cardsharp’s JTAG, USB, ethernet and the SBC-nano’s power, mini-displayport, ethernet and dual USB.