Digital Receiver Instrumentation Series

20 Years Experience


The Digital Receiver is a turnkey solution providing analogue to digital conversion, digital down conversion (DDC), a spectrum analyzer (FFT) and an integrated data logger in a compact system. Visit YouTube for Jim Henderson talking about the receiver family.

K70x Series (Conduction Cooling)

  • Dual FMC I/O Module Sites
  • Xilinx Kintex-7 XC7K410T-2 FPGA
  • Intel i7 Quad Core, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD

V61x Series (Air Cooling)

  • Dual XMC I/O Module Sites
  • Xilinx Virtex-6 SX475T-2 FPGA
  • Intel i7 Quad Core, 16GB RAM, SSD

Table A. Digital Receivers

Prod linkADCDDCFFTCoolingLow power/portable
Wideband K701N=2, 16-bit, 250MHz, AC coupled8 ch, BW: 2kHz~50MHz1 ch, 32kConductionNo
Wideband K702N=2, 16-bit, 250MHz, AC coupled8 ch, BW: 2kHz~50MHz1 ch, 32kConductionYes
Wideband V611N=8, 14-bit, 250MSPS, AC coupled8 ch, BW: 2kHz~50MHz1 ch, 32kAirNo
Narrowband V612N=8, 14-bit, 250MSPS, AC coupled128 ch, Max BW: 800kHz1 ch, 32kAirNo
Wideband V613N=2, 12-bit, 1.8 GSPS, AC coupled8 ch, BW: 10kHz~90MHz1 ch, 32kAirNo
Ultra Wideband V614N=2, 12-bit, 1.8 GSPS, AC coupled2 ch, BW: 60MHz~750MHz1 ch, 32kAirNo

All of the Digital Receivers come as ready configured instruments with a Windows program to control the instrument. Development kits are available so the customer can modify the firmware/software for specific requirements or Innovative Integration can be commissioned to modify their design accordingly. Contact sales for further information.

The Digital Receivers are based on COTS hardware that is in our product range and so the basic building blocks may be purchased individually and fully customised.