FMC Carriers

FMC carriers typically have FMC site(s) on them, a large user FPGA and either links to an external host or an onboard host. The carriers that are plug in boards, the PEX6-COP plugs into a desktop PC PCIe slot. The SBC-K7 has a COMexpress host CPU and can be supplied on its own or in a case (ePC-K7) or a smaller version can be supplied as the mini-K7. The mini-K7 can also be supplied rugged. Sites are either HPC (high pin count) or LPC (low pin count).

NameHPC SitesLPC SitesUser FPGAHostForm factor
COPious-PCIe10Xilinx Zynq 7045Dual ARM A9 cores 1GHzHalf length PCIe card
COPious-PXIe10Xilinx Zynq 7045Dual ARM A9 cores 1GHz8HP PXIe card
Cardsharp10Xilinx Zynq 7045Dual ARM A9 cores 1GHz150mm x 74mm
SBC-K711Xilinx Kintex7 K325T, or K410Ti7 4 cores 2.2GHz200mm x 160mm SBC
ePC-K711Xilinx Kintex7 K325T, or K410Ti7 4 cores 2.2GHz5 x 8 x 11 inches
mini-K710Xilinx Kintex7 K325T, or K410Ti7 4 cores 2.2GHz4 x 7 x 10 inches
PEX6-COP10Xilinx Virtex6 LX240T, SX315T or SX475TN/APCIe Gen2 x8 lanes

FMC Modules

FMC modules are based around the VITA 57 specification and typically contain ADC’s, DAC’s, SFP ports as well as the necessary clock generators and functionality. They are designed to connect to a host with a FMC site. The signal pins of the site are connected direct to a FPGA for a flexible interface to the components. Innovative make a few carriers and these come with logic for interfacing to Innovative modules.

ModuleAdcsDacs PLLType
FMC-2502 x 250MSPS 16 bit2 x 500MSPS 16 bitYesHPC
FMC-3104 x 310MSPS 16 bit -YesHPC
FMC-5002 x 500MSPS 14 bit 2 x 500MSPS 16 bitYesHPC
FMC-10002 x 1000MSPS 14 bit 2 x 1000MSPS 16 bitYesHPC
FMC-Servo8 x 500kSPS 16 bit8 x 1MSPS 16 bitYesHPC
FMC-SDF4 x 625kSPS 24 bit2 x 476KSPS 18 bitYesHPC

Support Logic

We support logic development when the module and carrier are both Innovative Integration Inc products. The carriers come complete with VHDL logic frameworks and software examples to enable streaming of data from Adc(s) to host processor and streaming of data from host processor to Dac(s).

The FMC-10GE fits on the LPC site of the ePC-K7 and comes with Intel drivers to run on the host processor.

Analogue Chipsets

The interfacing of FMC modules to FMC requires knowledge of the interface details and chipset used on the FMC module. Below is a table of information to assist. The notes are very basic and the datasheet should be consulted for further details.

FMC ModulePart numberChannels per deviceData portNotes on ratesNotes on DSP
FMC-250 ADC'sIntersil ISLA216P251DDR LVDS-compatible or LVCMOS outputsEach Adc is single channelGain and offset correction
FMC-250 DAC'sAnalog Devices AD9122232 wire LVDS Double Data RateMaximum input samplerate per channel is 615MSPS
NCO & Interpolation 1/2/4/8
FMC-310 ADC'sAnalog Devices AD9652232 wire LVDS Double Data RateNoneNone
FMC-500 ADC'sAnalog Devices AD9684232 wire LVDS Double Data RateLimited to 500MSPS4 DDC with NCO and HBF's
FMC-500 DAC'sAnalog Devices AD9122232 wire LVDS Double Data RateMaximum input samplerate per channel is 615MSPS
NCO & Interpolation 1/2/4/8
FMC-1000 ADC'sAnalog Devices AD968024 lane serial (JESD204B)4 DDC with NCO and HBF's
FMC-1000 DAC'sTexas Instruments DAC38J8228 lane serial (JESD204B)Max input rate 1230MSPS1/2/4/8/16x Interpolation, NCO's.
FMC-Servo ADC'sTexas Instruments ADS85688Parallel
FMC-Servo DAC'sTexas Instruments DAC88222Parallel
FMC-SDF ADC'sAnalog Devices AD77631Serial
FMC-SDF DAC'sLinear LTC27582Serial