Cabled PCI Express to desktop PCIe adapter

20 Years Experience

PCIe to cable PCIe adapter. Use this with eInstrument-DAQ for external data acquisition to PC.

Transparent PCI Express Cable Adapter, single lane

Made in USA, sold and supported in UK.
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  • PCI Express to Cable adapter
  • x1 PCIe 1.0a host interface
  • Transparent operation
  • Full rate operation (2.5 Gbps full duplex)
  • Supports cable lengths up to 7 meters
  • PCI SIG PCIe External Cable Spec 1.0 Compliant
  • End bracket adapts to standard PCIe desktop slot
  • PCIe card

The PCI Express Cable adapter provides an interface from a standard desktop PCIe slot to a PCI Express cable. This card conforms to PCI SIG PCIe External Cable Specification 1.0.

The adapter is completely transparent to PCIe. A signal repeater for the PCIe interface provides tuning controls transmit and receive signals, allowing cables up to 7 meters in length to be reliably used.

The adapter can be used in any desktop slot supporting PCI Express 1.0 specification. The adapter has a standard end bracket for mounting in desktop or server systems.

No software is required to operate the adapter.

Use with eInstrument-DAQ Node. Innovative Integration Inc design and manufacture a range of XMC data acquisition modules for use with the DAQ node and PCIe adapter. These cover the samplerate range of kHz upto 3.6GSPS and cover applications such as RADAR, SONAR, Telecoms, Signal Intelligence, Electronic Warfare, Electronic Countermeasures, Medical, Test Systems, Servo Loops and Vibration Monitoring. The XMC boards incorporate a Xilinx FPGA as the heart of the board. These are drawn from the Spartan3, Virtex5 and Virtex6 families. These offer the user fast links to the host via PCIe lanes and spare logic resources for user applications such as front end signal processing, bit manipulation, lossless compression and so on.