Clockgen PMC Board

20 Years Experience

Innovative Integration Real Time Solutions

Precision Low Jitter Clock Generator PMC Module with (4) Channel Distribution Buffer

Made in USA, sold and supported in UK.
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  • Four Programmable Clock Outputs
  • 100 kHz to 270 MHz output range
  • 0.01 Hz resolution
  • < 1 ps rms jitter for 6.25 to 270 MHz clock range
  • External Reference Clock Input
  • Lock to reference clock input from 2.3 kHz to 100 MHz
  • Buffer and redistribute 1:4 an external clock input
  • Optional high stability, 0.5 ppb reference clock
  • Drives 50 ohm loads
  • SMA connectors
  • PCI Interface

The ClockGen is a precision clock generator on a PMC IO module for sample rate generation, system clock synchronization, and clock distribution. The four output clocks, external clock and reference clock inputs are front panel SMA connectors. Each output can drive a 50 ohm load. For sample rate generation, the ClockGen PMC generates four clock outputs over a frequency range of 100 kHz to 270 MHz. The clocks can be locked to an reference clock input or an optional Statum III (200 ppb) stable reference. The clock outputs have a tuning resolution of < 0.1 Hz over the full output range.

This extremely versatile module is easily adapted for use in virtually any type of system. Our PMC carrier adapters offer convection cooling and are available for a range of interfaces including Desktop PCI, Desktop PCI Express, and CompactPCI/PXI. This module is also readily installed onto Innovative Integration’s Velocia DSP boards and within Andale Data Loggers.


  • Analogue to Digital Converter(s) = N/A
  • FPGA = N/A
  • Digital to Analogue = N/A
  • Sample rate generation
  • System clock synchronization
  • Frequncy Translation
  • Clock distribution