X3 FPGA XMC Modules

X3 Data Acquisition FPGA XMC modules are based around a Spartan3 or Spartan3A DSP FPGA with 4MB SRAM and one lane PCI Express (PCIe) link to the host. The range includes boards with Analog to Digital Converters, Digital to Analog Converters and Digital IO. All boards have a PLL to generate a sample clock. The boards are XMC FPGA modules and can be fitted on a range of adapters to be used in desktop PC’s, compact PCI racks, VPX or external standalone boxes.

X3-SD, 16 channels of Adc for Data Acquisition and recording applications using a Spartan3 FPGA.
ModuleAdcsDacsDigital IOFPGASRAM
X3-SD16 @ 216ksps 24 bit SigmaDelta044 bitsXilinx Spartan3, XC3S10004MB
X3-SDF4 @ 5MSPS 24 bit SigmaDelta044 bitsXilinx Spartan3, XC3S10004MB
X3-A4D44 @ 4MSPS 16 bit SAR4 @ 50MSPS 16 bit44 + 16 bitsXilinx Spartan3A DSP, XC3SD18004MB
X3-SD1616 @ 144ksps 24 bit SigmaDelta16 @ 192ksps 24 bit44 + 6 bitsXilinx Spartan3A DSP, XC3SD18004MB
X3-Servo12 @ 250ksps 16 bit SAR12 @ 1.5MSPS 16 bit44 bitsXilinx Spartan3A DSP, XC3SD18004MB
X3-2M12 @ 10MSPS 16 bit SAR044 + 12 bitsXilinx Spartan3A DSP, XC3SD18004MB
X3-10M8 @ 25MSPS 16 bit SAR044 bitsXilinx Spartan3A DSP, XC3SD18004MB
X3-25M2 @ 105MSPS 16 bit SAR2 @ 50MSPS 16 bit44 + 16 bitsXilinx Spartan3A DSP, XC3SD18004MB
X3-DIO64 bits LVTTL/ 32 bits LVDS digital in or out64 + 44 bitsXilinx Spartan3A DSP, XC3SD18004MB
X3-Timing4 Clocks out4 Triggers outN/AN/A

Design Methodology

The X3 FPGA XMC range are aimed at medium rate applications with sample rates from a few tens of ksps to 100MSPS. The cards have upto 16 channels of Adc and/or Dac which are all directly connected to the FPGA. The FPGA also has 4MB of 32 bit SRAM connected to it and a PCI interface which is bridged to PCIe before connection to the host via the XMC connector. The boards come complete with logic and example software to enable the boards to be used out of the box for data acquisition and/or waveform generation applications. Full support is provided locally by Entegra Solutions Ltd. We have completed many custom designs with these boards and are well placed to advise and provide custom solutions.