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Made in USA, sold and supported in UK.

Overview – Data Acquisition Product

The data acquisition product range from Innovative Integration Inc is designed to provide not just the main data acquisition board but also solutions. We know from over 20 years of experience of supplying COTS products that you want to buy a solution from one vendor that will work out of the box, rather than source from multiple vendors and spend your development time budget mating products from multiple stables.

With that in mind, the data acquisition products come with comprehensive software drivers, examples and sourcecode where appropriate. Datasheets are available without requiring you to register. Please do call us at some point to discuss your requirements so we can ensure you are considering the optimum products.

If you need us to develop some or all of your application software and or firmware then we have engineers capable of helping.

We are Innovative Integration Inc’s UK distributor, and are only permitted to sell their products outside the UK when we are providing our own development services with the product. If you require just standard product and you are outside the UK, please see the Innovative Integration Inc website for their worldwide distributors.

Let us help you

Choosing the right product for your application is not always straightforward. We have application engineers who work with the products and know them well, so if you want us to choose the right product for you then please do not hesitate to call us on 01590 671 700 or email us.

Search yourself

Step 1. Select a data acquisition board or a Digital Receiver / Transceiver Instrument.

Step 2. Select a host.

  • Use a X3/X5/X6/XU in a desktop PC using a XMC to PCIe or XMC to PCI adapter.
  • Use a X3/X5/X6/XU external to a desktop PC using an eInstrument-DAQ node.
  • Use one or two X3/X5/X6/XU in a standalone performance PC using an Sbc-Duo.
  • Use a X3/X5/X6/XU in standalone Atom PC using Sbc-nano.
  • Use a X3/X5/X6/XU in a high performance logger/replay PC using Andale.
  • Use a X3/X5/X6/XU in a Compact PCI chassis using an adapter.
  • Use a X3/X5/X6/XU in a VPX chassis using an adapter.
  • Use a FMC module in a desktop PC using PEX6-COP.
  • Use a FMC module in a standalone PC using SBC-K7 or ePC-K7 or mini-K7.