8-Channel Strain Gauge Simulator Board

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8-Channel Strain Gauge Simulator Board
Availability: Typically in stock for 1-2 week delivery.


  • 8 Simulated strain gauges
  • Configured as Full, Half or Quarter bridge
  • 120, 350 and 1k Ohm standard configurations
  • AC or DC excitation
  • >250 kHz bandwidth
  • Wide α15 V excitation range
  • On-board A/D converter monitors excitation voltage

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Strain Gauge Simulator Board

Product Description

The DNx-AO-358 are 8 channel, strain gage simulators designed for use in UEI’s popular Cube and RACKtangle chassis respectively. The boards are based on actual variable resistors and will precisely duplicate the behavior of the gages simulated.

The boards are an ideal solution for simulator applications where an on-board system device is expecting an strain gage as an input. The boards are also an excellent solution for testing and diagnosing errors in a variety of strain gage based systems.

The boards support simulation of full, half and quarter bridge gages and are available in standard 120, 350 and 1 kOhm configurations. Other resistance values are available on a special order basis. The DNx-AO-358 series is compatible with both DC and AC excitations and offers AC throughput bandwidth greater than 250 kHz.

All connections are made through a convenient 62-pin D connector ensuring OEMs will have no problems obtaining mating cables or connectors. Users may also connect the DNx-AO-358 boards to our popular DNA-STP-62 screw terminal panel via the DNA-CBL-62 cable. The cables are fully shielded and are available in 2.5, 10, and 20 foot lengths.

The board is supported by a complete software “suite” including support for Windows, Linux and all popular RTOS. Windows support is provided by the UEIDAQ Framework which includes a simple yet complete software interface to all popular Windows programming languages and DAQ applications including LabVIEW and MATLAB. An extensive factory written software suite is also provided for all popular “non-Windows” operating systems including Linux, VXworks, QNX, INtime and more. All software support includes extensive example programs that make it easy to cut-and-paste the I/O software into your applications.