Digital Input/Output Boards

United Electronic Industries is a leader in the PC/Ethernet data acquisition and control, Data Logger/Recorder and Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) and Modbus TCP markets.

UEI guarantees the availability of all RACKtangle®, Cube, and FLATRACK™ series products (including DNA, DNR, UEIPAC, UEISIM, UEILogger and UEIModbus chassis and compatible I/O boards, manufactured by UEI) for a minimum of 10 years.3 year warranty standard on UEI products

When configuring an I/O Cube, HalfRack, RackTangle or FlatRack users can choose from these boards (layers) for digital I/O, input, and output functions. Various models are available with differing numbers of digital I/O points in alternate configurations.

Board typePart numberNumber channelsInput (ksps)Output (ksps)Drive capacityRange (min V)Range (max V)PWM
Logic levelDNx-DIO-40348102016 mA3.35-
Sourcing outputs 3-36VDNx-DIO-40412 in/12 out100100350 mA3.336-
Sourcing darlington output circuits 5-36VDNx-DIO-40512 in/12 out1180 mA536-
Sinking outputs 3-36VDNx-DIO-40612 in/12 out1001001A3.336-
5-36V inputsDNx-DIO-401241--536-
0-32V inputsDNx-DIO-448481---132-
0-150 V AC/DC inputsDNx-DIO-449481---150150-
Sourcing darlington outputsDNx-DIO-40224-180mA636-
Solenoid driveDNx-DIO-416-3232-0.125500mA3.348-
Sinking outputs 3-36VDNx-DIO-43232-1600mA3.336Yes
Sinking outputs 3-36V low leakageDNx-DIO-432-80032-1600mA3.336Yes
Sourcing outputs 3-36VDNx-DIO-43332-1600mA3.336Yes
Sourcing outputs 3-36V low leakageDNx-DIO-433-80032-1600mA3.336Yes
Relay outputs Form CDNx-DIO-45212-0.1252A0220VDC, 250VAC-
Relay outputs Form CDNx-DIO-46212-0.1252A0220VDC, 250VAC-
Relay outputs Form CDNx-DIO-462-80012-0.1252A0220VDC, 250VAC-
Solid state relay outputs Form A (NO)DNx-DIO-46312-0.1252A051VDC, 35VAC-
High current relay outputs, Form CDNx-DIO-47010-0.1255A0220VDC, 250VAC-
Relay outputs, Form ADNx-DIO-43030-12A055VDC, 55VAC-

Serial/CAN Boards

The serial interface remains one of the most popular communications interface in industrial electronics. Though Ethernet, USB and a variety of other interfaces are gaining ground, RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485 remain as real workhorses in the industrial and laboratory markets.

Installed in PowerDNA Cube connected to a desktop, industrial, or notebook PC running Windows 2000/NT/XP/Me/9x, you can use DNA-SL layers for a variety of serial I/O applications, including; controlling instruments, connecting to human interface devices (e.g. printers, keyboards, monitors, etc), monitoring production processes, and interfacing to existing control and DAQ equipment.

Controller Area Network (CAN) is a multicast shared serial bus standard, originally developed in the 1980s for connecting electronic control units (ECUs). CAN was specifically designed to be robust in noisy environments and can utilize a differential balanced line like RS-485. It can be even more robust against noise if twisted pair wire is used. Although initially created for automotive purposes (as a vehicle bus), nowadays it is used in many embedded control applications (e.g., industrial) that may be subject to noise. Bit rates up to 1 Mbit/s are possible at networks length below 40 m. Decreasing the bit rate allows longer network distances (e.g. 250 kbit/s at 250 m).

DNA-CAN Boards are designed to meet the physical and electrical requirements for in-vehicle (automotive) networks based on CAN. Installed in PowerDNA Cube connected to a desktop, industrial, or notebook PC running Windows 2000/NT/XP/Me/9x, you can use DNA-CAN Boards for a variety of CAN applications, including automotive testing and diagnostics, prototype design, factory automation, and machine control.

UEI’s CAN interfaces are supported by the powerful UEIDAQ Framework which includes support for all popular operating systems and application languages including LabVIEW and DASYLab.

Bus protocolPartTypeChannelsTransfer rateNotes
High speed CANDNx-CAN-503CAN41MBitJ1939 and CAN .dbc support
4 port serialDNx-SL-501RS232/422/48542 MBaudJ1587/J1708 support
4 port high speed serialDNx-SL-501-804RS232/422/48544 MBaudJ1587/J1708 support
HDLC/SDLC SynchronousDNx-SL-504RS232/422/423/48544 MBaudAsync/BiSync/HDLC/SDLC
HDLC/SDLC SynchronousDNx-SL-514RS232/422/423/48541.3 MBaudAsync/BiSync/HDLC/SDLC
8 port serialDNx-SL-508RS232/422/48581 MBaudBuilt in interrogation scheduler
GP Synchronous serial interfaceDNx-CT-602-804General purpose416 MBaudRS422/485 Tx, Rx
GP Synchronous serial interfaceDNx-CT-602-808Hellfire / M272 / PRF / PIM test 416 MBaudRS422/485 Tx, Rx

Counter/Timer Boards

Counters and timers are very common components in data acquisition and control systems. Our PowerDNA boards (layers) support a complete set of counter/timer functions including: Event counting, Frequency measurement, Pulse-width measurement, Frequency generation, Pulse and PWM generation. In addition to these standard counter/timer modes, PowerDNA boards (layers) are also available to read data from Quadrature encoders.

Counter timer functionPart numberTypeNumber of channelsClock rateNotesCh-Ch isolation
High speed counter timerDNx-CT-60132 bits866MHzDebouncing on ext clk and gate-
Differential counter timerDNx-CT-60232 bits466MHzRS-422/485 logic levelsYes
Quadrature encoder input DNx-QUAD-604A, B & Z inputs416.5MHzBuffered or single point readings-
Universal speed inputDNx-VR-60850mV - 250V ppk8300kHz4 Freq out. High/low toothYes
IRIG Timing gen and syncDNx-IRIG-650A/B/E/G type41, 5, 10MHzOnboard GPS receiverYes

Avionics Boards

ARINC 429 is the avionics data bus standard used on most high-end commercial aircraft. The standard defines both the physical and electrical interfaces of a two-wire data bus as well as the data protocol to support an aircraft’s avionics network.

The DNA/DNR-429-5xx series is a family of ARINC 429 communications interfaces. The current family includes two different versions with different combinations of TX and RX channels. The DNA-429-566 offers 6 TX / 6 RX while the 429-512 provides 12 RX channels. All boards are fully compliant with the ARINC 429 spec and support both high speed (100 kHz) and low speed (12.5 kHz) operation. The channel speed is software selectable in banks of either two or three channels. Data integrity, even when all channels are set in high speed mode is assured with the use of 256 word FIFOs on all RX and TX channels

All of the DNA-429-5xx series boards are fully supported by UEI’s wide variety of software drivers and programming tools.

Short video on avionic bus support from UEI.

Board/layerInput channelsOutput channelsStandardComments
DNx-1553-55322MIL-1553BC, RT or BM
DNx-429-516016ARINC-429Also supports ARINC-615
DNx-708-45322MIL-1553 levels, compliant with ARINC-708 and ARINC-4532 Ports per channel
DNx-CSDB-50988CSDB, RS-232, RS422/485

Wireless Communication Boards

Add a DNA-CAR-550 to your 300 or 600 cube and a third party mini-card WiFi or GSM/CDMA or GPS card to connect your cube to a wireless network or simply receive GPS. Add a DNA-IRIG-650 to your cube to transmit and receive IRIG A/B/E/G. Add a DNA-GPS to your DNA chassis to get GPS information under PowerDNA, UEILogger and UEIPAC.

Wireless protocolPart numberTypeNumber of channelsTransfer rateNotes
GSM, CDMA, WiFiDNA-CAR-550-300PCIe mini compatible1-For GigE UEIPAC chassis
GSM, CDMA, WiFiDNA-CAR-550-600PCIe mini compatible1-For GigE UEIPAC chassis
GPS receiver and IRIG I/ODNx-IRIG-650Passive or active antenna1-Time derived from GPS/IRIG string
GPS receiver moduleDNA-GPSGarmin 16 series11PPS

Power Supplies

When configuring an I/O Cube, users can choose from these layers to add the ability to generate voltages to power external devices locally. Three models with different voltage levels (±15V, +24V and ±45V) suit most industrial application requirements.

These models offer an isolated DC/DC converter, overload protection, overtemperature shutdown, and a software controlled on/off switch.

Output voltagePart numberNumber channelsOutput voltageOutput currentNotes
10VDNx-PC-9101+/-10V1.5ACurrent/voltage feedback
15VDNx-PC-9111+/-15V1.2ACurrent/voltage feedback
24VDNx-PC-9121+/-24V1.6ACurrent/voltage feedback
45VDNx-PC-9131+/-45V0.4ACurrent/voltage feedback